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You want to have your cake and eat it too? Sure, anything is possible at our Brooklyn bakery, Duet Bakery Boutique! Come in to have all of your gourmet sweet fantasies come true in the expert hands of our Chef Diana Rodova and her staff. Her unique creations, masterpieces by right, have been amazing us for a long time. Any holiday cake is a culmination of any real celebration, be that a wedding, birthday of a beloved grandson or an anniversary. Each cake is an abundance of fruits, berries, tantalizing taste and unique design that is guaranteed to pleasantly surprise your guests.

At Duet Bakery Boutique, the best bakery in Brooklyn NY, we believe that there is a special formula to make every cake a masterpiece that is unique to your taste and occasion. One of the most important ingredients in our “cakes-of-art” is the design that will wow your guests and make the celebration unforgettable. When you step inside our Design Studio, our cake-design professionals take over and guide you through the process of creating that perfect cake. So sit back, relax and watch the magic of Duet begin…

We Use Only the Finest Ingredients, Guaranteed!

Besides making the best cakes in town, Duet Bakery Boutique also imports the best ingredients from all around the world that are sure to fulfill any cravings! Come and taste the freshest, scrumptious chocolates, breads and cheeses from the finest shops in Europe. Visit our Cake Design Studio and experience the sensation of a truly exceptional cup of tea from our exclusive tea collection. Our ingredients are made to follow any dietary restrictions such as being Gluten Free and Lactose-Free.

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