The Keurig Coffee Maker Way Vs the Normal Way

No doubt you have a drip coffee maker in your kitchen. You may also have a french press. There may also be space in your cabinet for any number of other interesting brewing gadgets. I, for example, have a Keruig coffee maker and an Ninja  in addition to my drip coffee maker and french press.

All these methods are great, and each produces its own unique coffee experience. But when all I want is a good cup of coffee without any fuss, I turn to my Keurig coffee maker. Why? How is it that my Keurig coffee maker has become my most frequently used coffee brewer?

My drip coffee maker is great for producing a great quantity of coffee. Whenever I have guests it is usually the device I turn to. But it has several irksome qualities: no matter the quality of bean, the coffee that it produces is bitter.

The problem is that the thermostat on most drip coffee makers is set too low for perfect extraction. This is probably done for legal reasons, but it means that no matter how hard I try I will not be able to get a perfect cup of coffee. Dealing with the grinds can be annoying too.

A french press is different from a drip coffee maker: you control all the variables, including brew time and water temperature, so you can get perfect tasting coffee. But the permanent filter used in a french press generally lets some coffee grounds through, which is why coarse ground beans are recommended when using one.

Also, it is up to you to get the correct temperature: you have to heat the water separately, check that it is at the right temperature, then combine it with the grinds in the carafe. Did I mention that these things generally make a mess? I can never seem to make french press coffee without getting coffee splattered everywhere.

Other methods also have drawbacks. A moka pot is fairly easy to use–it regulates its own temperature by piping up the water once to boiling–and produces a very strong cup of coffee, but it is generally very bitter. A dash of salt helps matters, but it still isn’t perfect.

My aeropress is a fascinating device (you brew like with a french press, but then use a plunger to force the coffee through a paper filter to produce coffee that is like a strong french press cup without the grinds) but it still suffers from putting you in charge of the variables. When you are in the mood to experiment, changing the water temperature or brew time can be fun, but it makes brewing difficult when all you want is a good cup of coffee.

The Keurig manages to avoid the pitfalls of other brewing methods to produce a good, consistent cup of coffee without much hassle. The consistency of the amount of coffee means that the cup will always be of the same strength and flavor. And the machines are designed to be able to extract the coffee without overworking the beans.

The K-cups mean that cleanup is a cinch and you don’t need to worry about the coffee grinds at all. In the end what you get is the easiest to use coffee maker available, which produces some of the best quality coffee available consistently.

A drip coffee maker is good for quantity, but it is not so great at making a good cup of coffee. Other methods let you try a new experience and control the variable to produce different tastes, but all require work.

The only type of coffee maker available that we mere mortals can afford that can effortlessly produce great coffee is the single serve variety. So if you only care about a good cup of coffee, then a Keurig is the way to go.

You are sure to be able to find a Keurig coffee maker to suit your tastes and budget. Keurig coffee makers models range from the small Keurig Mini Brewer (which comes in 5 colors) to the Keurig b60 or even the top-of-the-line Keurig b70 Platinum Brewing System.

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