Double Chocolate Mini Cupcakes

So I pondered whether to call these triple chocolate cupcakes instead of double chocolate cupcakes because of the chocolate flavour of the cupcake with the little white choc surprises inside and topped with some melted chocolate over the buttercream frosting, but then I feel like the chocolate on the frosting isn’t quite enough of a distinguishing element. Maybe if I had used chocolate ganache then they could be triple chocolate cupcakes. Anyway, the point is, they are packed with chocolate, so if you love chocolate (as I do) you will love these!

I promise the name is the only confusing part about the cupcakes, the rest is super easy!

I first melted the butter and chocolate melts together. You can use dark chocolate melts or milk chocolate either is fine. You only need to use a medium heat, it never takes much to melt butter and chocolate. I even took mine off the heat when there were still a few small butter chunks and simply continued to stir until they melted. This meant the liquid wasn’t as hot and could cool more before adding the other ingredients.

Once slightly cooled add the sugar, I tend to always put less that the recipe says, just to cut down on that super sweet factor, even though I have a major sweet tooth, I know it’s better for my health in the long run. Add the eggs, as always, making sure they are thoroughly mixed in, then add the cocoa powder and the flour. I thought to myself the mixture was a little dry, but wasn’t too worried. So I added the white choc bits and started spooning my mixture into the cupcake papers. Half way through, I thought to myself again, this is actually quite dry and sticky, maybe I have messed something up. So I added a dash of milk to hopefully loosen it up a little and get rid of the stickiness. This became tray 2. My recipe ended up yielding me about 46 mini cupcakes, which seems a like a lot right? Don’t worry, as they are so small and cute, people or more inclined to eat not just one, but two … or three … or four … or more! Something about feeling less guilty because they are so small …

I cooked both trays at the same time at same temperature. Although 1 tray was on the top shelf in the oven and the other on the bottom (this doesn’t seem to make much difference in my oven). Both trays rose nicely and came out looking a gorgeous chocolate brown with little white specks of where the white choc bits were peeking through. After letting them cool, I braved it and tried one from each rack to see which had turned out better. Surprisingly the batch from the first tray were perfect, whilst the batch from the second tray were slightly dry. Completely odd. Nevertheless, I knew that adding frosting to the top would certainly fix that!

I had some leftover buttercream frosting from the other day (This was for my Mother’s day cupcakes which you can read about here), so using a Wilton 1M tip I piped little swirls on top. I originally had the idea of melting down some chocolate and drizzling it over the buttercream, but when I went to the fridge to find the few squares of chocolate I had leftover they were gone! My boyfriend had struck again and sneakily eaten the last few blocks. Nonetheless I searched the fridge again and remembered I also had some leftover chocolate ganache from the other day too. So I put the ganache in the microwave for 30-40 seconds to melt it back down to a liquid, poured it into a small snap lock bag, cut the corner and went crazy making some melted chocolate artwork. (I put all my cupcakes onto a sheet of baking paper to minimise the mess)

And wallah! There you have it, mini double chocolate cupcakes. Even though my boyfriend did steal the few chocolate squares I wanted to melt down he did also suggest to me I could have used Ice Magic for the chocolate topping instead, so feel free to give it a try and let me know how that turns out.



  • 50g Milk Chocolate melts
  • 100g Unsalted Butter (softened)
  • 100g Caster Sugar
  • 30g Cocoa Powder
  • 2 eggs (I always use extra large)
  • 100g Self-Raising Flour
  • ¼ cup White chocolate bits


1. Preheat oven to 180⁰C and line 2 x 24 mini cupcake trays with papers.

2. Melt butter and chocolate melts in saucepan over a medium heat then allow to cool slightly for 5 minutes.

3. Whisk in the sugar until completely dissolved and no granules can be felt at the bottom of the bowl. Then add eggs one at a time, ensuring to beat well after each addition.

4. Sift the flour and cocoa into the mixture and using a spatula mix until well combined.

5. Gently fold in white chocolate bits. I have put ¼ cup on the recipe, but feel free to add more or less to your personal preference. (Some people aren’t a big fan of white chocolate …. Not me!)

6. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. (Be careful not to put the skewer through a white chocolate bit!) Place tray on rack to cool. Remove cupcakes from tray after 5 minutes and allow to cool fully before frosting

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